Privacy Policy

General Information

We, at, Zonash and its completely claimed auxiliaries (aggregately, “we” or “the “Organization”), are resolved to ensure the security of our colleagues who are authorized to utilize our product (“the “Product”) on their inward organization (“you” or “Customer”) and our Client’s end clients which approach any of the information assets checked by our Software (“End Users”).

We empower you and your End Users to understand this “Product Privacy Policy” (“Privacy Policy”) cautiously and use it to settle on educated choices. By utilizing our Software, you consent to the details of this Privacy Policy, and your proceeded with utilization of the Software establishes your continuous consent to it.

Customer’s commitment

Without criticizing any of the terms and guarantees of the Master License Agreement or Subscription Service Agreement and our site’s security strategy, Client will guarantee that all End Users have been educated regarding, and have given their agree to, Company’s utilization and interaction of any data, as definite in this Privacy Policy, to the degree such assent is needed by pertinent law.

What data do we gather?

We gather two kinds of data when you or your End Users are utilizing our Software:

  • The first kind of data is independently recognizable data, to be specific data that distinguishes an individual or may with sensible exertion distinguish an individual (“Personal Information”), which incorporates the accompanying:
  • Client’s Information: We may gather contact data (counting Personal Information) from you when you register on our site, buy in to our pamphlet, register for an occasion, react to a review or round out a structure. Kindly audit our site’s protection policyin request to study our security rehearses with respect to Client’s Personal Information.
  • Feedback: When you permit us (or our believed outsider specialist co-ops) to accept your End Users’ criticism and rating as to Software (“Feedback”), we may assemble Personal Information which may incorporate the accompanying: email address of the End User, End User’s complete name, End User’s IP address, and the Client’s email. What’s more, we may gather Personal Information which your End User intentionally shares with us when he sends us Feedback (e.g., distinguishing content, pictures; and so on)
  • In request to give a portion of our Software as a Service (“SaaS”) items, we will gather metadata of your End Users, including IP addresses, MAC addresses, client specialist, identifiers gave by Client, way of documents and record names. Under certain protection guidelines a portion of this metadata may add up to Personal Information.
  • The second sort of data is unidendtified and non-recognizable data relating to you or to your End Users, which might be made accessible or accumulated through your utilization of the Software (“Non-Personal Information”). We don’t know about the character of the client from which the Non-Personal Information was gathered.
  • Non-Personal Information which is being gathered may incorporate usernames, catalog names, worker names, share names, document names, setups, logs identified with Software and Client (for example occasion logs), perusing occasions and specialized data communicated by your gadget or your End Users’ gadgets, including certain product and equipment data (e.g., the sort of program and working framework the gadget utilizes, language inclination, access time and the area name from which you or your End Users are connected to the Software; and so forth)
  • In expansion, when you permit us (or our believed outsider specialist co-ops) to accept your End Users’ Feedback as to Software, we may assemble Non-Personal Information which may incorporate the accompanying: Feedback rating, Feedback labels, Feedback text, program type and language, working framework, viewport of the screen, page URL on which the Feedback has been given, screen capture of the screen on which Feedback was given (with all printed strings redacted), and our customers.

If it’s not too much trouble, note that when the Software is conveyed by our Clients, it examines unstructured information that is put away on the Clients’ foundation. The Clients keep up with sole responsibility for information and decide their own strategies in regards to the capacity, access, cancellation, sharing and maintenance of this information. This information is facilitated and put away just on the Clients’ workers (not on the Company’s workers).

How we utilize the data we gather?

Notwithstanding the reasons recorded in this, the data we gather, which may incorporate your Personal Information, is utilized for authentic business purposes just, for example,

  • To set up your record and to offer our types of assistance to you and to your End Users (Please audit our site’s security strategy to find out about our protection rehearses concerning Client’s Personal Information);
  • To recognize and confirm End Users’ admittance to the Software;
  • To get End Users’ Feedback concerning the Software;
  • To work on our Software;
  • To uphold and investigate our Software and to react to questions; and
  • To research infringement and uphold our strategies, and as legally necessary, guideline or other legislative power, or to follow a summon or comparable lawful measure or react to an administrative solicitation.

We utilize the Personal Information just to the degree required and keeping in mind that keeping up with your right to protection.

What are the Conditions for Processing of Personal Information?

We will handle your Personal Information for an assortment of reasons, every one of which is endorsed by applicable information assurance laws.

Performance of an agreement, consistence with a legitimate commitment:

It is important for us to handle your Personal Information where it is vital for the presentation of an agreement, (for example, for our arrangement) or with the end goal for us to conform to our different legitimate as well as administrative obligations.

Legitimate interests:

We additionally measure your Personal Information where we consider such handling to be in our (or an outsider’s) genuine interests and gave consistently that such preparing won’t bias your inclinations, rights and opportunities. Instances of us preparing as per real interests would include: (I) where we reveal your Personal Information to any at least one of our partner/auxiliary organizations following a rebuild or for interior managerial purposes; (ii) handling for the motivations behind guaranteeing organization and data security, including forestalling unapproved admittance to our electronic correspondences organization; (iii) offering individual data to our guides and expert administrations suppliers (like inspectors).


Our handling of your Personal Information will principally be essential for us to give you the administrations. In any case, on specific events we may request your agree to preparing Personal Information. In these examples your Personal Information will be handled as per such assent and you will actually want to pull out this assent recorded as a hard copy whenever.

With whom we share the data we gather?

We don’t lease, sell or offer your Personal Information with outsiders besides as portrayed in this Privacy Policy.

We may move or uncover Personal Information to our auxiliaries and other subsidiary organizations. Also, Client’s and End User’s Personal Information might be revealed to other believed outsider specialist co-ops or accomplices with the end goal of: (I) putting away Personal Information for our benefit (e.g., distributed computing specialist co-ops); (ii) helping us with our business activities and Software and further developing it (e.g., handling and dissecting End Users’ Feedback); and (iii) performing research, specialized diagnostics and examination concerning the Software.

We may reveal Personal Information, or any data you submitted by means of the Software in the event that we have a decent confidence conviction that divulgence of such data is useful or sensibly important to: (I) conform to any appropriate law, guideline, legitimate interaction or administrative solicitation; (ii) uphold our arrangements (counting this Privacy Policy), including examinations of potential infringement thereof; (iii) explore, identify, forestall or make a move in regards to criminal operations or other bad behavior, suspected extortion or security issues; (iv) to build up or practice our privileges to guard against lawful cases; (v) forestall mischief to the rights, property or wellbeing of us, our clients, yourself or any outsider; or (vi) to team up with law requirement organizations or in the event that we think that its essential to authorize licensed innovation or other lawful rights.

Since we work around the world, it could be important to move Personal Information to nations outside the European Union. The information security and different laws of these nations may not be just about as extensive as those in the European Union − in these occurrences, we will find ways to guarantee that a comparable degree of assurance is given to Personal Information. You thus agree to the exchange of your and your End Users’ Personal Information to nations outside the European Union.

Outsider assortment of data

Our approach just addresses our utilization and exposure of individual data from you and from your End Users through the Software (as depicted under the “With whom we share the data we gather” area in this). To the degree that you or your End Users unveil your data to different gatherings through the Software, various standards may apply to their utilization or divulgence of the data uncovered to them.

How long do we hold the data we gather?

Whenever, you or your End Users may demand to change, update, right mistakes or erase Personal Information by messaging us at

Kindly note that we hold the data we gather however long expected to offer our types of assistance (include)

In the 12 preceding months, we have collected and disclosed the following categories of Personal Information:

Category of Personal Information Collected

Personal Information Collected

Categories of service providers to whom Personal Information was disclosed

A.     Identifiers

Email address, device identifiers (UDID, IMEI, MAC, IP, identifiers issued by Client), image

Cloud Services

Fraud Prevention

B.     Commercial information

Feedback of Clients and/or End Users

Cloud Services


C.     Internet or Other Electronic Network Activity Information

Usernames, directory names, server names, share names, file names and paths, configurations, logs related to Software and Client (e.g. event logs), browsing events and technical information transmitted by your device or your End Users’ devices, including certain software and hardware information (e.g., the type of browser and operating system the device uses, language preference, access time and the domain name from which you or your End Users are linked to the Software.

Cloud Services



We don’t sell (as this term is characterized under the CCPA) any Personal Information.

We may share or move Personal Information to outsiders as resources that are important for a consolidation, obtaining, chapter 11 or other exchange in which the outsider accepts control of all or part of the Company. Such exchange will be taken care of as indicated by the necessity of the CCPA and will not be viewed as an offer of Personal Information under the CCPA.

Wellsprings of Personal Information

In the 12 going before months, we have gathered the previously mentioned classes of Personal Information from the accompanying classifications of sources:

  • Clients or End Users straightforwardly.

Purposes for assortment of Personal Information

Our motivations for gathering Personal Information can be found above, under the part “How we utilize the data we gather”.

Client Rights under the CCPA

The CCPA gives buyers explicit rights with respect to their Personal Information. This segment depicts your CCPA rights and discloses how to practice those rights:

Admittance to Personal Information

You may ask for, up to multiple times every year, that we reveal to you the classes and explicit bits of Personal Information that we have gathered about you, the classifications of sources from which your Personal Information is gathered, the business or business reason for gathering your Personal Information, the classifications of Personal Information that we uncovered for a business reason, any classifications of Personal Information about you that we sold, the classifications of outsiders with whom we have shared your Personal Information, and the business reason for sharing your Personal Information, if material.

Cancellation Requests

You reserve the privilege to demand that we erase any Personal Information gathered from you and held, except if an exemption applies.

When we get and affirm your obvious purchaser demand, we will erase (and coordinate our specialist organizations, subcontractors, and advisors to erase) your Personal Information, except if an exemption applies.

Practicing Your Rights

You can practice your privileges (like access and erasure) by presenting an evident shopper solicitation to our email address: or by sending a mail to our actual location indicated in the HOW TO CONTACT US segment.

Just you or an individual approved to follow up for your benefit may make a shopper demand identified with your Personal Information.

The solicitation must:

  • Provide adequate data to permit us to sensibly check you are the individual about whom we gathered Personal Information or an approved agent.
  • Describe your solicitation with adequate subtleties to permit us to appropriately comprehend, assess, and react to it.
  • We can’t react to your ask for or give you Personal Information on the off chance that we can’t check your character or power to make the ask for and affirm the Personal Information identifies with you. Making an irrefutable shopper demand doesn’t expect you to make a record with us. We will just utilize Personal Information gave in an undeniable shopper solicitation to check the requestor’s character or power to make the solicitation. We will just utilize Personal Information gave in an obvious purchaser solicitation to confirm the requestor’s character or power to make the solicitation.

You may just demand a duplicate of your information twice inside a year time span.

In the event that you have any broad inquiries regarding the Personal Information that we gather about you how we use it, kindly get in touch with us at

Reaction Timing and Format

We will likely react to an irrefutable shopper demand inside 45 days of its receipt. On the off chance that we require additional time, we will educate you regarding the explanation and expansion period recorded as a hard copy inside the initial 45 days time frame. We will convey our composed reaction, via mail or electronically, at your alternative. Any divulgences we give will cover just the year time frame going before the solicitation. On the off chance that sensibly conceivable, we will give your Personal Information in a configuration that is promptly useable and ought to permit you to communicate the data without deterrent.

We don’t charge an expense to measure or react to your irrefutable customer demand except if it is extreme, redundant, or obviously unwarranted. On the off chance that we verify that the solicitation warrants a charge, we will reveal to you why we settled on that choice and furnish you with a quote prior to finishing your solicitation.

If there should arise an occurrence of dismissal, the reaction we give will disclose the motivations to which we can’t consent to your solicitation.

Kindly note that these CCPA rights are not supreme and demands are dependent upon any appropriate legitimate prerequisites, including lawful and moral detailing or record maintenance commitments.

Assigning Agents

You can assign an approved specialist to make a solicitation under the CCPA for your benefit if:

  • The approved specialist is a characteristic individual or a business element enlisted with the Secretary of State of California; and
  • You sign a composed assertion that you approve the approved specialist to follow up for your benefit.

In the event that you utilize an approved specialist to present a solicitation to practice your entitlement to know or your entitlement to demand erasure, if it’s not too much trouble, mail a confirmed duplicate of your composed announcement approving the approved specialist to follow up for your benefit utilizing the contact data underneath.

On the off chance that you furnish an approved specialist with force of lawyer as per Probate Code segments 4000 to 4465, it may not be important to play out these means and we will react to any demand from such approved specialist as per the CCPA.


Except if allowed by the CCPA, we will not:

  • Deny you merchandise or administrations.
  • Charge you various costs or rates for products or administrations, including through conceding limits or different advantages, or forcing punishments.
  • Provide you an alternate level or nature of products or administrations.
  • Suggest that you may get an alternate cost or rate for products or administrations or an alternate level or nature of merchandise or administrations.